Professional steam cleaning kills fleas and their eggs.

If you have ever owned pets, you know how flea infestation can make you feel helpless. When you see your pet scratching the skin, and you notice red bites on your body, there is no doubt that fleas are terrorizing you. It is a major challenge because, by the time you realize fleas are messing you, they have already spread everywhere and laid eggs even in your carpet. At this stage, it is difficult to get rid of fleas because most carpet cleaning methods can neither eliminate them or their eggs. Does steam cleaning work? Let’s find out.

The answer is simply ‘yes’. Steam cleaning will kill fleas including their eggs. It is one of the most effective techniques for eliminating fleas and bacteria within carpets. It is effective at killing fleas in areas where they cannot easily be reached, for example around furniture.

Steam cleaning as the name suggests, it is based on water and heat. It is better at removing dirt than vacuum cleaning. Additionally, it effectively destroys and removes fleas from the carpet despite their stage. Dry vacuuming may not eliminate cocoons and larvae.

Bristled larvae are mostly found at the base of a carpet. They coil up if you disturb them, so it is hard to identify them. Cocoon fibers as well tightly bind themselves into carpets. If you do not clean your carpet thoroughly, you will only create a breeding space. This is why you need the services of professionals at least once in a while.

Fleas and their eggs cannot withstand the high temperatures of steam cleaning. Fleas cannot survive high temperatures. Fleas and their eggs die when you expose them to temperatures exceeding 38 degrees Celsius. Steam heat makes conditions unbearable for fleas because it doubles the temperatures. It is impossible that fleas will survive such high temperatures.

Why seek steam cleaning services

There are numerous reasons why steam cleaning is a great solution to your flea infestation problems. If you want to completely eliminate fleas from your home, steam cleaning is the best solution. The best thing about steam cleaning is that it does not involve the use of toxic chemicals. Other carpet cleaning methods used to eliminate fleas use pesticides among other chemical treatments.

Since steam cleaning is non-toxic, it is safe for use around pets, children, and family members. Steam cleaning completely removes all microorganisms and fleas without leaving behind harmful chemicals. You will feel safe when your kids play around because only water and heat are used, which are safe for everyone.

Steam cleaning can be a daunting task if it is your first time handling carpet cleaning. You can do the cleaning yourself or seek the services of a professional, which is the better option. If you do it yourself, the initial cost might be high because you will have to buy a steam cleaner. In the long run, the method is cheap because you will not need to use chemicals.

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