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Terms & Conditions
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Terms & Conditions

Canada Clean Home | Carpet Cleaning & Furniture Cleaning | Edmonton, AB

Terms & Conditions for any carpet, upholstery or vehicle cleaning service.

Please, note: We, Canada Clean Home,

  1. can not guarantee to remove pile crush, stain or shading now present in your carpet and/or furniture.
  2. is not responsible for residue (or the resulting complications) left in your carpet or fabric by previous cleaning attempts.
  3. state that due to the nature of upholstery, drapery and carpet fabrics, the owner/customer assumes all responsibility for any texture, dye or color changes in the fabric (that occurred as a result of previous cleaning attempts done by others).
  4. state that an application of disinfectant or deodorant does not imply a warranty of odor or bacterial control if owner does not protect and maintain the article cleaned.
  5. China cabinets and other heavy furniture will be moved only if empty.

Please advise our technicians of any special problems such as odor, spots, stains, rips, tears, weak furniture legs, loose table tops, etc. prior to beginning the cleaning process.

Please remove all breakable and fragile items from the areas to be cleaned.

Please remove your pet(s) to a safe location during the work cleaning process.

Please keep your small children out of the work area during the work cleaning process, to prevent possible injury.


Canada Clean Home saved my carpets when I thought there was no hope to get them back to the way they were. After their cleaning was done, my carpets looked better than they were before! I am very impressed with the quality of service I received, with the price, and with Alex’s great attitude. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants a reliable, fast, and good quality cleaning service. Thank you, Canada Clean Home!

Nail Yakupov

Alexanders service was outstanding! He was very professional, thorough and meticulous in his work to clean our carpets, stairs and area rug (white one:)). He placed foam blocks under the bed to lift for better drying and no damage to the wood and gladly answered all questions that we had. I would highly recommend Canada Clean Home!

Olesia Onishchenko

I was completely satisfied with the service provided by Canada Clean Home company. Our carpet and area rugs look very clean. Alexander is really professional and hard working technician. I would strongly recommend Canada Clean Home for carpet, furniture or car interior cleaning. Good job Alex!

Eduard Perekatov

For years, I’ve used Alberta Carpet Cleaning and have always been pleased. However, since their prices have skyrocketed, I called Canada Clean Home and was completely satisfied. Great job, Canada Clean!

Audrey Field

They were easy to book and helped me a bit extra to move some furniture due to my disability. The carpets are clean and smell great. I will use them again.

Poyais Jackson

I’ve been using Canada Clean Home for a couple years, and they are always very easy to book – I can phone or even text, and Alex does a superb job. He takes the time to go over the process and then all the billing items before he completes the work. Alex is very personable and I can trust him to do an amazing job each and every time. Highly recommended!!

Janna Kabongo

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