Water is the primary cause of damage in properties, mainly if seepage is poorly addressed. Some of the effects of excessive water include damaging building items, furniture, and other absorbent objects. These effects may lead to extensive damage that is costly to repair. Minor damage can quickly be dealt with when solved early enough, while in other cases, the damage can be too complicated and hard to handle.

For instance, restoring your water damaged carpet depends on how heavily contaminated the water is.

Below we guide you in fixing your water damaged carpets.

Find the Source

Carpeting is expensive, which is why many homeowners feel stressed when their carpets are ruined, and they have to think of a replacement. However, water damaged carpets may not necessarily need replacement.

It is essential to determine the cause and source of flooding. Some familiar places in your home might cause flooding, including loose water pipes, taps, blocked drainages, and bathtubs. In different cases, the flooding might be temporary or permanent. Whichever the case, it is vital to start fixing the problem from its root.

Quick-Drying and Cleaning the Carpet

Carpeting is not a cheap endeavor, which means you should fix any carpet problems as soon as possible. Quick-drying is one of the fastest and easiest ways of keeping trouble at bay.

Quick-drying your carpet helps you fight dangerous molds, bacteria, and mildew encouraged by moisture from floods. These might pose a health hazard to you and your family. Some health problems include severe respiratory issues. Quick-drying your carpet is possible with the use of vacuums and humidifiers designed for such purposes. You can hire such appliances if you do not have any.

Also, other than quick-drying, cleaning your carpet is essential for safety. You can either shampoo or steam-clean it as these are among the best ways to keep your rug clean and in good shape. After flooding, it is essential to do away with your carpet cushioning. It is less strenuous than having to buy another rug.

Find Space While Cleaning

In the process of drying your carpet, ensure nothing comes into contact with it. If your carpet is still on the floor, remove all furniture to avoid dye dripping on it. However, water from the carpet can also damage your furniture. In addition to that, it is advisable not to walk across your carpet before cleaning because the water weakens the adhesive backing. If you step on it, the fibers may detach from the backing.

The above tips can help you prevent your carpet from extensive water damage. They also help you avoid health risks associated with water damage and keep you from encountering huge expenses in replacing carpets.

However, your biggest companion in case you face extensive water damage in Edmonton is a professional cleaning service such as Canada Clean Home. As an expert in carpet cleaning, we can help you restore your water damaged carpets and avoid the complications that come with flooding. Working with a professional also helps eradicate any doubts you may have. Read more about the befits of hiring professional carpet cleaners.

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