Have you ever had a look at your carpet and wondered what’s beneath it? In a typical house, a lot of dirt gets trapped under the carpet, and if not well taken care of, it can form stains and even cause the carpet to wear off. You will also agree that a dirty carpet can significantly mess with how the interior of your house looks.

Carpet steam cleaning is one of the best ways that you can have your carpet cleaned. It is an essential service and should be done in the right way either by you or by a professional carpet cleaner. If you decide to work with a carpet cleaning Edmonton service provider, then you have to consider some factors to ensure that they are the best fit. Let’s have a look at them.

1.      How legit is the company?

With the internet dominating almost every industry, carpet cleaning companies in Canada are also digitizing their services to keep up with the trend. However, this has created a loophole for scam artist to swindle money from innocent customers like you. If you want to be sure that a company is legit, check if they have a website and for how long it has been operational. You can also check them up on listings such as google my business, Facebook, and Yelp. Once you have established their authenticity, you can proceed to work with them.

2.      Cost of the steam cleaning service

Steam cleaning is an effective method for cleaning the carpet. However, different companies charge differently for this service. You should have a budget when finding a carpet cleaning company and ensure that you stick to the budget. Our services are quite affordable, and you are guaranteed to get the best carpet cleaning services.

It is important to note that carpet cleaning is a process, and several things are involved, which affect the total cost.  Ensure that the company has a clear outline of how they charge for everything involved in the cleaning process.

3.      The reputation of the carpet cleaning company

Work with a carpet cleaning company that has a good reputation. Find out how they treat their customers, the quality of their services, and what they charge compared to other companies in the market. Ask your friends or check online, and you will realize that a company with a good reputation has several recommendations and positive reviews regarding their services. Check some of the reviews on our services here.

4.      Availability of the company

The cleaning company that you hire should be available to work with your schedule. If you are only available in the evening, the company should be able to offer their services at that time. Otherwise, you might be forced to compromise your schedule to get your carpet cleaned. Finding a company works flexible hours is a bonus. This way, you are assured that you can contact to come and clean your carpet any time of the day when you are available.

Canada Clean Home doesn’t offer its services 24/7 but we are flexible and can make an exception in certain situations. Please contact us directly for more information.


You have no excuse to have a dirty carpet, be it in your living room or even in the bedroom. If you want to improve how your house looks, taking care of your carpet has to be one of your priorities. With the right carpet cleaning Edmonton service provider, you are assured of quality service that will leave your carpet clean as new.

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