Situations When You Need to Get Professional Carpet Cleaning Services ASAP

Carpets are, without question, one of the most gorgeous and must-have assets in a home or business. This is because they not only make a room inviting and comfortable to be in, but they provide a touch of elegance that is impossible to ignore. Still, you cannot ignore the fact that owning a carpet comes with lots of risks as they easily trap a lot of dust, debris, and [...]

How to Restore Water Damaged Carpets?

Water is the primary cause of damage in properties, mainly if seepage is poorly addressed. Some of the effects of excessive water include damaging building items, furniture, and other absorbent objects. These effects may lead to extensive damage that is costly to repair. Minor damage can quickly be dealt with when solved early enough, while in other cases, the damage can be too complicated and hard to handle. For [...]

How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Area Rug

You may be looking at the area rugs in your house and noticing that they look worn out and not as clean as they used to be in the past. However, having children and pets in the home can make it challenging to keep the rugs clean. In this article, we show you how to increase the life of your area rug and maintain a healthy, clean home. Vacuum [...]

Can You Walk on Carpet after Steam Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning is a task that requires care and professionalism. If you want to clean your carpet appropriately, you need to use the right detergents and use the safest method of carpet cleaning. Steam cleaning is one of the favorite methods of carpet cleaning as it leaves your carpet clean and smelling fresh. It is essential to remove furniture to ensure that the carpet is cleaned thoroughly. The most [...]

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Every home needs to have a good carpet. The carpets help to improve the appearance of the houses and also protect the feet from the cold floors. However, it is essential to understand that these carpets are bound to get dirty at one point in time, and they need to be cleaned. If you’ve tried to clean your carpet before? You will agree that it is a tedious process, [...]

Factors to Consider when choosing a Carpet Steam Cleaning company

Have you ever had a look at your carpet and wondered what’s beneath it? In a typical house, a lot of dirt gets trapped under the carpet, and if not well taken care of, it can form stains and even cause the carpet to wear off. You will also agree that a dirty carpet can significantly mess with how the interior of your house looks. Carpet steam cleaning is [...]

Is Steam Cleaning Effective?

Benefits of carpet steam cleaning. Carpet cleaning should be one of the top priorities of any homeowner. A clean carpet makes the entire house comfortable to live in and tidy. You also should clean your carpet for the safety of everyone including children, adults, and pets. Carpet cleaning can be a challenging task, but you can always seek the services of a professional. Since steam cleaning is one [...]

How do you steam clean carpets?

Is it easy to steam clean carpets? After summer, most homeowners start wondering how to clean their carpets to remove odors, stains, and dust among other contaminants. Hiring a professional cleaner to do the job is always a great option, but you can steam clean carpets yourself. All you need is equipment and simple instructions of doing it. Let’s have a look at how you can steam clean carpets at [...]

Will steam kill fleas and their eggs?

Professional steam cleaning kills fleas and their eggs. If you have ever owned pets, you know how flea infestation can make you feel helpless. When you see your pet scratching the skin, and you notice red bites on your body, there is no doubt that fleas are terrorizing you. It is a major challenge because, by the time you realize fleas are messing you, they have already spread [...]

7 Benefits of Professional Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning Service in Edmonton, AB

Why you need to hire a professional furniture cleaner in Edmonton, AB When you enter any living room, the first thing you notice is the couch. Other notable things are chairs, tables, or drawings. This clearly shows that upholstery is an important component of any interior design scheme. If you do not take care of your upholstery, you will always feel embarrassed about your lounge room when you have visitors. Some [...]

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Canada Clean Home saved my carpets when I thought there was no hope to get them back to the way they were. After their cleaning was done, my carpets looked better than they were before! I am very impressed with the quality of service I received, with the price, and with Alex’s great attitude. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants a reliable, fast, and good quality cleaning service. Thank you, Canada Clean Home!

Nail Yakupov

Alexanders service was outstanding! He was very professional, thorough and meticulous in his work to clean our carpets, stairs and area rug (white one:)). He placed foam blocks under the bed to lift for better drying and no damage to the wood and gladly answered all questions that we had. I would highly recommend Canada Clean Home!

Olesia Onishchenko

I was completely satisfied with the service provided by Canada Clean Home company. Our carpet and area rugs look very clean. Alexander is really professional and hard working technician. I would strongly recommend Canada Clean Home for carpet, furniture or car interior cleaning. Good job Alex!

Eduard Perekatov

For years, I’ve used Alberta Carpet Cleaning and have always been pleased. However, since their prices have skyrocketed, I called Canada Clean Home and was completely satisfied. Great job, Canada Clean!

Audrey Field

They were easy to book and helped me a bit extra to move some furniture due to my disability. The carpets are clean and smell great. I will use them again.

Poyais Jackson

I’ve been using Canada Clean Home for a couple years, and they are always very easy to book – I can phone or even text, and Alex does a superb job. He takes the time to go over the process and then all the billing items before he completes the work. Alex is very personable and I can trust him to do an amazing job each and every time. Highly recommended!!

Janna Kabongo

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